Quick and effective outdoor workout!

Seeming as we don’t often see the sun in England I thought I’d take my workout outside today and soak up some rays!

I’ve been slacking in the gym lately and haven’t been as consistent as I would like. I know there’s no excuse but working full time and studying towards a degree in the evenings is time consuming and it’s difficult trying to fit it all in. For anyone who struggles with finding time to go to the gym, try working out at home or outside!! Whenever I don’t feel up to the gym I like to complete home workouts or take them outdoors.

Today I did a mini leg/glute workout outdoors. It was tough and I definitely felt the burnnn!!

To warm up I jogged up the hill and found a nice spot with a steady incline to carry out the exercises.

3 sets x 12 reps of alternating leg lunges

3 sets x 12 reps of side lunges (left leg to begin)

3 sets x 12 reps of side lunges (right leg)

3 sets x 12 reps jump squats

And finally 12 hill sprints to finish! (I have no pics of this because by this point I was looking a hot mess)

Obviously I’m not a PT and I certainly am not a fitness guru but I do know that this is effective as my quads and glutes were on fiyaa!

Definitley one to try on a nice day when the gym is the last thing on your mind!!

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