Orgx coconut curl cream review

This is probably a boring post for most people *yawns* but after battling for many years with my hair and discovering what works best and how to look after my hair etc. I’m finally learning what products do and don’t mix well with my mane!! I had my hair relaxed for the best part of 4 years which I seriously regret. It took a while for my natural curls to reform and get back to where they were and I still feel as though my hairs recovering. 

Recently I’ve been using the organix coconut curl hair range which has legit been a lifesaver! I was previously struggling as my hair was feeling really dry and getting quite frizzy throughout the day. I decided to use this after reading some good reviews online plus I love coconut oil, so it’s a no brainer!!

You can pick these products up from most stores, I initially bought it on eBay then realised they stock it in Asda (much cheaper too wooop). It’s quite a thick and creamy texture, which is great for my hair as it’s quite thick but also doesn’t work well with greasy products. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hair specialist and I have no idea what type my hair is but I can say it’s definitley not thin nor straight! I like to use this when my hairs damp and just finger comb it through and scrunch – scrunching is the best thing imo.

I don’t like to to use shampoo in my hair too often and normally shampoo once a week and when I want to restyle just use conditioner. I use the orgx coconut conditioner too which is a god send, I loooooove this stuff! I’ll try and find a clear pic of my curls and insert down below to show you how my hair turns out after using the product…

As you can see my hair isn’t super curly but I have some really defined curls.

I know I’ll be looking for a new product soon, as I feel as though my hair can get used to products and they start to lose their affect (I don’t know if it’s just me but yah)
Anyways, I’ll be uploading more to do with my hair care and reviewing products etc. so stay posted!!



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