IBIZA 2016

It’s crazy to think that this time last year we were packing to get away on our first holiday together! This post is seriously overdue and I just really wanted to share my experience of Ibiza and the short time we spent there.

I can’t lie I was kind of sceptical about visiting here after hearing all the party stories and reviews. That’s not my scene and I really wanted a relaxing holiday just chilling out and exploring. Besides that I was sooooo excited simply because it was our first hols abroad!! I remember the night before I couldn’t sleep (how sad) but I geneuinely was THAT excited.

Anyways, we flew from Gatwick and arrived in Ibiza quite late. I remember stepping off the plane and just feeling the wave of heat hit me in the face, literally the best feeling! We then took a coach to the hotel and went straight to bed. At this point I was still kind of skeptical about the place, I just remember loads of people our age drinking and shouting on the way there – kind of expected this for the island but I was still hopeful of what to expect…

After the first day I honestly fell in love with the island. We stayed in San Antonio Bay which was beautiful! The hotel was called hotel ‘Ses Savines’. To anyone looking to visit I would 100% recommend this hotel. It was in a great location, directly opposite the beach, 5 mins from the main strip of San Antonio and nearby there were tonnes of shops and amazing restaurants, just overall a great location. 

Our first day we just spent chilling in the room and checking out everything local. I remember taking this pic on the first day – we’d woken up to the cloudiest sky and rain showers, then as soon as the sun come out, we pulled out the selfie stick and swimwear haha!!

I don’t want to waffle on so I’m just going to share a few of my favourite moments from the trip – even though the whole holiday was amazeee!

We visited Cala Bassa on our second day by catching a boat from the Bay which was around a 5 min walk from the hotel. They offered loads of boat trips to different parts of the island and water sports at the bay, so you’re legit never bored. I just remember the boat trip to Cala Bassa being super scary, as the waves were crazy! 

But anyways, what can I say about Cala Bassa? Well apart from the fact it was BEAUTIFUL I really don’t know. The beach was quite small but unbelievably clean and when I say the water was crystal clear, I’m really not lying. It honestly took me by surprise.

We took this picture after finding a little place at the top of the beach, and the views were insaneeee! 

This was a little cove we discovered over the other side of the beach. The water was boiling, it was such a nice spot to chill. Cala Bassa is definitley a place to visit and I think a return trip on the boat was only around €8 – so yeah I would highly recommend if you’re coming to Ibiza, it’s a must!

Ok so I’ve never been the most adventurous and I definitley am not an adrenaline junky, so when J said we’re going on a jet ski, I wasn’t the most excited. We decided to do it because we had quite a bit of money left and thought why not!! We paid for a half hour trip on the jetski’s but ended up getting a full hour and a half tour because the tour guides put us on the wrong boat – can’t complain as we ended up on A €120 trip for €60! I remember we had to get a speed boat out to the jet ski, and oh my god! When I tell you this was a SPEED boat I’m not kidding! These guys were not playing, we were being flung left, right and centre. I just remember gripping on for my lifeee!! It was deffo an experience.

We had to jump onto the jetski’s out in the ocean because that’s where they were kept – for people who’re terrified of water and can barely swim this wasn’t the best. The jetski’s weren’t for me at all. Jamal thought he was in a James Bond movie and I was screaming, the waves were so high that day I really thought I was going to die. I genuinely remember thinking I would come off and drown haha! I was so terrified I cried and had to ask the tour guides to come back and get me!! All in all I’m glad we did it as now I just laugh at the whole experience but at the time it was the worst time of my life. If you’ve never been jetskiing, you really need to! 

On our second to last night we decided to go for a cute meal and walk along the ‘sunset strip’ which was around a 20 min walk from our hotel. There was such a good vibe up here as everyone was just enjoying themselves and taking in the atmosphere. It also offered the best views of the sunset, definitley a must see!

I want to top this post off with my final best part of the trip. On our last day we were kind of stuck with what to do so decided to take a boat trip to a small beach called ‘Cala Salada’. Again, it wasn’t very expensive and the boat trip was only around 20 mins. We caught the boat from the Bay near our hotel and headed off for the day. As we approached the island I was blown away. The water was crystal clear and the sand was golden, it was genuinely the most beautiful view I had witnessed. I had the best time here and it was definitley the icing on top for the whole trip!! 

I seriously can’t stress enough how incredible Ibiza is, looking past all of the clubbing and raving it genuinely is such a beautiful place. I can’t wait to go back and explore even further, as I know there is so much more to discover and so many more places to see. As for now I’m counting down to Mexicooooo!!
Thank you for reading, 

Tanika xoxo


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