A little update

I have to admit the best thing I ever did was start running again. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym and I definitely feel the benefits from weight training, but already after a couple of months of dedicated running I’m seeing changes in my fitness and overall health. Although it isn’t for everyone I feel like I’m in such a good place right now, and I genuinely believe running has played a huge part in this.

I’m now running around 3 times a week and feel amaaaazing! I feel the best I have (fitness wise) in a long time. Prior to when I began running again, I found I was getting extremely tired and felt quite unhappy. Since running again I’ve noticed my mood has completely changed – I feel so much more positive and happy. Plus, my fitness levels have increased durastically. I can actually run 3 miles now without gasping for breath hah!

With regards to my overall happiness and mood, I think this is due to the stress relief running offers me. When I go out running my mind completely withdraws from any stresses of life. It’s like my coping mechanism for when I’m not feeling too good (plus a big bowl of ice cream). But seriously, I feel soooo good at the moment.

It’s strange as a year ago I honestly thought I was done with running. The gym was my main focus. I really wanted to put my all in to weight training, but when I tried running to the gym a few months back and nearly died, I legit couldn’t believe it. I was actually really upset (lols) After this I knew I had to get back to it! And here I am… Loving my progression and eager to keep getting better. I’m still going to the gym, but I’ve tried to incorporate hill sprints on the treadmill before I train. This has also helped with my overall fitness for longer distance runs.

At the moment, it’s less about the distance and more about the time. I’m focusing mainly on short distances but quicker time. I recently ran my quickest 2 miles in 16:54 – I know it’s not exceptional but I was over the moon!

Here’s a few pics from a very sweaty run we went on Monday evening. It consisted of me dying alongside Jamal Aka Mo Farah and some very intense hill sprints!

(Hopefully J doesn’t kill me for this one)

I know running alone isn’t the reason for this change. I’ve recently changed my diet significantly and have decided to go vegan so this has played a huge part in how I feel! But maybe I’ll save that for another post…

T x

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