Veganism and why I hate labels!

The past couple of months have been interesting. Back in June I put it on myself that I was going to try ‘veganism’ for a week and see how long it would last. Initially I was setting out to treat it as a lifestyle, after doing some research and watching a few YouTube videos, I was pretty convinced this was what I wanted to do. This was before realising I had not done my research and was on the verge of eating my boyfriend, HAH! I remember sitting on my bed just thinking about what I could eat – tough times eh!

However, I put myself to the test at the start of August and thought I’d try it again BUT this time with a bit more background knowledge. Two months later I’m 7 weeks in to my solely plant based diet and still alive, Wahooo!! I can’t lie, the first week was challenging. During the time prior to this, I wasn’t well prepared and I can honestly admit, I didn’t know much about eating plant based foods at all. I kind of felt like sweet potato was the only thing I could consume and the only thing keeping me going. So at that point, a week later I was sat in Nando’s endulging in chicken thighs, wings and all that so called “goodness”.

I think gradual changes are the best rather than going cold turkey from everything you love. Since the start of the year I have completely cut dairy out of my diet. This was a personal choice, simply because I know longer wanted this inside of my body. After gaining further knowledge and doing my research I have discovered that a lot of the food I did once consume is no good for me, hence the transition to a plant based diet.

Since making this transition, however; I’ve received criticism for what I’m doing, like wearing suede trainers or a leather jacket. It’s just made me realise that if it wasn’t for this label as a ‘vegan’ people would let me go about my day – I think, hah! I feel like labelling what you are and what you eat makes it harder to stick to. This is my personal opinion I guess but there we go.

I just hate that we have to put a label on everything we do.

No I’m not introducing myself as, “hello I’m Tanika and I’m vegan” lol! I feel like people have this stereotype of people who live this lifestyle, that we have to tell everyone – which I completely get! I’m not trying to be like this. I just want to share my experiences with you guys and how it’s working out for me.

So, where do I stand atm? Well I’m happy to say I’m eating no animal products, only plant based foods and have done for the past 7 weeks now. I feel amaaazing and I’m shocked why I didn’t find it this straight forward before. I guess information and knowledge is crucial! You can’t go into something that’s completely new and not have a clue what you’re doing and why. BUT this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped, I’m still doing my research.

I really don’t want to make this a whole ‘veganism’ blog. I just wanted to have a little chit chat about where I’m at at the moment and how it’s going – even if you couldn’t care less lols.

Just a pic of a dessert I indulged in a few weekends back – it really isn’t as boring as you think!

I would like to share a few recipes on here that I’ve discovered, as I feel these could be useful to anyone looking to switch up their diet or incorporate more plant based meals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a nutritionist, I have my views but I’m not going to force these upon everyone. Look out for my recipes though, even if you’d like to make a meaty alternative!!

As always, thank you for reading.

T x

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