Mexico – Cancún

I’m back with a travel blog, finallyyyy!! This was a long awaited trip that I am so sad is over. I honestly can say this is one of the most amazing places I have visited and I had an incredible time with my love!

Cancún is such a beautiful place. When we first stepped off the plane I couldn’t believe the weather, for late October it was gorgeous!! It was around 28-30 degrees every day and no rain, amaaaazing!

We stayed in a hotel called ‘Beachscape Kin Ha Villas and Suites’ in the hotel zone. This is the most tourist based area in Cancún. The hotel itself was pretty basic but was located on the beach and so close to the main town and bus stop, so I’d definitely recommend!

Enjoy this seriously touristy pic of me lols!

On our third day we were kind of bored of just sun bathing so we decided to do, ‘The Jungle Tour’, sounds cool right? We got to hire our own speed boat and drive around the lagoon for 45 minutes, snorkel for an hour and then drive back. We had sooo much fun! I couldn’t believe how much fun it was. Although Jamal thought he was James Bond the whole time and nearly cap sized us on a few occasions, this was totally worth the £30. You also get to keep your snorkel after, not that there’s many places in England to snorkel anyways.

So, although we are ultra touristy we wanted to explore a bit of real Mexico so on our fourth day we took a trip ‘Downtown’. This was in central Cancún and is really easy to get to by bus. This place was so cool but when I tell you Mexican people drive reckless, I’m not lying, the bus drivers were crazy!! I was quite surprised how a few bus drivers got their license to be honest, but there we go.

Downtown is the place to go if you’re looking for some real Mexican local food – unfortunately I couldn’t try much being vegan and speaking minimal Spanish but everything seriously did look delicious.

The bus journeys were probably my favourite yet must frightening part of Cancún, they play their music really loud and were super cheap!!!

For our last day in Cancún we went to ‘Xplor’ – it’s basically a huge adventure park where you can do zip lining, river rafting, river swimming and ATV driving. This place was amaaaazing! But I have to say the best thing was probably the all inclusive food buffet. It was quite pricey – £90 each, but so worth it! You got to do each activity as many times as you liked and the price included food and drink all day and transport. Definitely a place to go if you’re up for a bit of an adventure!

Although our 6 days in Cancún flew by, I honestly couldn’t recommend it more. From the people to the food and beautiful beaches – it’s truly an incredible place. I had the most amazing time and it only made me more excited for our second mini adventure to Isla Holbox.

T x

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