Mexico – Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox – what a place! I really can’t begin to explain to you guys how beautiful and unique this island was. My pictures don’t even do it justice but I hope I can give you an understanding and incentive to visit.

We travelled to the island by coach and ferry from Cancún. From Downtown Cancún we caught a bus from the main coach station to a place called ‘Chiquilá. The journey itself takes around 2 1/2 – 3 hours and costs 133 pesos – so cheap! From Chiquilá you can catch a small ferry to Isla Holbox, which takes around 20 minutes, this cost 140 pesos. Overall it was quite a straight forward trip and very cheap considering how far you travel.

When we arrived to the Island, the whole atmosphere was incredible. There was so much going on, yet it was calm at the same time. Everyone was so chilled out and relaxed. They only drive golf buggy’s on the island, so from the port we took a taxi – on the back of a golf buggy, to our hotel. This part was so cool lol!

When we arrived at our hotel I couldn’t believe the creativity, the vibe was very chilled and peaceful. The rooms weren’t anything spectacular but they were good enough for us! I think you’ll guess by now, as long as it’s clean and cheap, I’m satisfied.

Isla Holbox is the ideal place to go if you’re fed up of commercialism and the big cities. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of places to eat and drink but there’s no one hassling you every 5 minutes to try an excursion or come to their restaurant, everything was sooo relaxed.

As for the beaches? What can I say, I was blown away. The water was crystal clear and the one thing that fascinated me was how shallow the water was. You could walk for ages and the water wouldn’t even past your waist!!

Enjoy my illuminous bikini that nearly blinded everyone on the beach lol.

Walking around the island I started to notice the artwork. Holbox is covered in art! There’s paintings on the roofs and walls of buildings, in restaurants and shops – it’s everywhere! It really did make the island and all its beauty.

I personally think if you come to the island, you need to hire bikes. Along with it being a lot of fun, it was also the best way (imo) to see the island and explore. We hired bikes on our last day and decided to take a trip to the famous ‘Flamingo beach’. We attempted to ride to the beach from our hotel. Without doing our research, we didn’t realise how much effort this would take. After meeting a dead end half way through our adventures, our only option was to carry our bikes through the sea and ride across the sand banks! So, what did we do? We got our bikes across obviously! We looked crazy riding our bikes through, what looked like the ocean. This was proven when we noticed people were taking pictures of us, ahh! However, we made it to Flamingo beach and I even managed to step on a wasp and get stung along the way, yay! Lol.

Just a quick selfie on one of our pitstops.

This was taken half way across the sand bank, the sand was so watered down I had to result in pushing the bike – struggles!

After my numerous attempts to get closer to the Flamingo’s to capture a photo and them flying away, I settled for this!

So I guess I’ve kind of explained the trip and how wonderful it was. Overall, I am soooo happy we took the time to visit Isla Holbox, I can honestly say it was my highlight of our visit to Mexico. If you’re ever thinking of visiting this incredible country, take a trip to Holbox, you really won’t regret it!

I’m not sure where I’ll be going next but this trip has seriously made me want to see more of the world and explore, so who knows…

T x

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