How to ‘eat clean’ without losing control

When trying to reach a specific goal which involves having a ‘clean diet’ or healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to slip into the mindset of feeling guilty after eating a pizza or the odd chocolate – Am I right? I completely get this, BUT it’s so important that you remain in control. When referring to the term healthy I believe our mindset is the most important aspect in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

When starting my fitness journey I was very strict on myself and really beat myself up when I ‘cheated’ or had a bad day of eating – how stupid was I! I now realise this was because I wasn’t educated about the food I was eating and why I was eating it. Since transitioning to a plant based diet I have gained knowledge about foods and what foods benefit our bodies and why. Once you begin to understand the benefits of good, nutritious foods it becomes much easier to incorporate a clean diet into your lifestyle – that’s if you want to. If you know what specific foods can do for your body it will 100% make you more motivated to include them in your diet.

I now enjoy food and have a happy relationship with eating but unfortunately this wasn’t the easiest process! Although I do stick to a ‘clean diet’ the majority of the time, I don’t restrict myself. If I really fancy something I won’t beat myself up for having it. It’s all about balance.

It’s important we nourish our bodies with good, healthy, wholesome foods; however, we can’t forget to enjoy the naughty things in moderation. If you have a goal, make it happen! Just don’t make it a miserable journey along the way. Eat your greens, stay active, and enjoy your pizza and ice cream in moderation guys!

T x

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